Studio Update 2020

**June 5th, 2020**

While planning our re-opening, we were gutted to discover that our beautiful Studio at 6 Gulfstream Avenue is no longer suitable for our Business in terms of social distancing and post-Covid 19 procedures for both our team and our customers alike.

We have taken the decision to defer our re-opening and we have already commenced work on refitting our new home, also located within Waterford Airport Business Park

As our new home is just a work-in-progress, all of our administration functions remain on hold. We have lots of work to do so in the meantime we will post updates here on our website homepage as well as on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

June 25th

Some friend are amazing. Especially friends in high places! "We'll give you a hand to move your sign. Last thing this evening or first thing in the morning. I'll be back to you!" says @padraiggriofa. So I get in first thing, greeted with a wave and a sign! My sign. Already moved and in situ. Typical! Brings so much to the table does Padraig. Thank you! .

June 19th

The last 10 days have seem steady if slow progress. All the "ings". Sawing, nailing, wiring, air conditioning, fixing, glueing, insulating. Endless sweeping and hoovering. Exhausting yet exhilarating. Ready for painting. Not! well, almost.

June 10th

Suzanne commented on our Facebook post yesterday that "Rome wasn't built in a day!" We have been building and rebuilding our version of Rome for 22 years and we have never been as excited about it. First walls taking shape.

June 8th

The interior of the building needs to be re-fitted to include firstly, Gerry's Studio, where all the magic happens. Secondly, a viewing room for Ann to show customers through their previews and thirdly, Caroline's office, where all the administration tasks are completed. A small reception and gallery area where customers can enjoy a coffee on arrival etc will also be included.

The first photo shows the outside of the front of the building. The big blue shutters on the left reveal a big bright window when opened and we need to put our sign up on the panel above the door.

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