Photographing your Princes and Princesses



Prince George Alexander Louis. The most newsworthy baby in the world arrived on July 22nd and he will possibly be the most photographed baby ever! His first photoshoot, at just about one day old, and his photo appeared in magazines, newspapers and on websites all over the world!I don’t suppose that I’ll ever get the call to tell His story in photographs? It will just be our own Padraig’s and Niamh’s and Aine’s. Thankfully, most of us celebrate our new arrivals much less publicly than George’s, nevertheless it is so important to start telling our own babies story as soon as possible.

When is the best time to start? There are so many milestones in a baby’s development so start within those first few early days. After that they start to slowly lose that newborness, the tiny fingers and toes and folds of skin stretch and get bigger and before you know it, they’ve doubled their birth weight. This is an incredibly precious time and it should not be missed. Baby’s story can be told over a number of brief photoshoots at different stages throughout the first year. When baby is able to hold his head up, can sit up, can stand up and perhaps with his first birthday cake! It’s all important and it all matters. A beautiful record of baby’s first year, with the photos displayed in a beautiful keepsake Album, or as a framed piece of wall Art, celebrating, perhaps, your greatest achievement.

(Princess Niamh O’Dwyer, 5 days old)