When is the best time to photograph your Dad?

When is the best time to photograph your Dad?

Maybe it’s when he’s a new Dad. You are fairly new yourself, small, soft, cuddly and easy to fit in your Dad’s hands. That’d be a good time. Or maybe, when you’re a bit older and you can sit up on his knee, or sit up on anything really. That’d be a good time too.


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When I was growing up, our Dad took all the photos. It was complicated stuff, loading the roll film. Roll film…? Dont ask! Winding it on, taking it to be developed and printed. Photographs were scarce and photographs of my Dad, with us, the rest of us, and when he was young, were even scarcer.


Maybe when you go to school? Or have a Holy Communion or other celebration? Maybe when you leave school and go to College. Or Emigrate. Or maybe when he’s walking you up the aisle to give you away. That’d be a great time, the photographer’s going to be there that day. Right? Maybe when you become a Dad yourself? Makes your Dad a Grandad!


“We were looking for a family portrait and we got so much more! I would recommend Gerry O’Carroll photography for any occasion you wish to capture memories to cherish. “because your story matters” is not just a slogan it’s how Gerry & Ann makes everyone’s occasion special & unique.” Brid Flynn



Yeah, but when’s the best time to photograph your Dad? Good question but your going to have to decide the best time for yourselves – and for your Dad! Don’t put off ‘till tomorrow. Just don’t leave it too late.


Father’s Day is a great occasion and a great time to photograph you with your Dad, and tell your story with a great portrait. To celebrate all Dad’s, we have a special Limited offer for Father’s Day.


For just €95, you can have your Dad photographed with yourself and your siblings. You can even include your mum, your pet Labrador and your favourite Minions if you wish.


Your Studio Session, your Viewing Session as well as your choice of gift-sized Portrait from the session and our signature Desktop Portrait are all included for just €95. Regular price is €195.


If you’d like to save €100 and photograph your Dad, email me at studio@gerryocarroll.com, call me on (051) 304050 or fill in the short form below.  Of course, there is no commitment, it’s just a way to check on my availability and start a conversation

Kate Williams “Picked up my photos this morning can safely say I’m over the moon they are fantastic exactly what I wanted they are amazing thank you Ann and Gerry x”

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