Children’s Portraits – The Best Ages and Stages

Children’s Portraits – The Best Ages and Stages

Our customers often ask us when is the best age to have their child photographed. The question is a good one and the answer is that it’s easier to think about it in terms of stages as opposed to ages.


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I love the contrast of daddy’s large hands holding a tiny newborn baby. The best time to photograph a newborn is in the very early days and weeks, before they lose that real ‘newborn look’. The next stage that’s great is around 3 to 4  months old when they can lie on their tummy and hold their heads up. Between 6-9 months, when a baby can sit up but not walk yet, is a fun time because you can add hats, change them and usually they have lots of plump leg and arm rolls.

Baby’s First Birthday

The first birthday is hugely popular and is a great stage to get great images. Then 2, 4, 6 while making SURE to capture the child with a wall portrait before the baby teeth start to fall and then during that gorgeous toothless smile. The kinda ‘gawky’ stages are next which is why it is SO incredibly important to celebrate your children at these stages. This is great for their self-esteem and confidence and will make them feel great about themselves.

Special family occasions or First Holy Communion and Confirmation are popular stages and it’s  nice to have your children photographed at least every few years. Because Your Story Matters.